Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is my blog about...

Someone brought up a good question .What will I be blogging about...

I thought maybe I should call it .."Plate Lunch Special" or "United States of Kimberly" (mock of United Sates Of Tara~ new Toni Collette hbo series,seriously funny) because sometimes I I have split personalities? There's the mommy in me~ always wanting my child to be safe and protecting him from the wicked harsh world.Wanting to be OCD about everything and cleanliness around him.Searching for every child product to steer him toward being a intellectual and amazing person.Wanting him to stand out in the crowd of other toddlers.Dressing him like a little doll ,handpicking every thread of clothes he puts on.

Then there is the realistic in me,realizing times and finances are still tight right now.Thinking he may not make it to Harvard or Yale but knowing college at any level won't be an option,he will go.

There's the nurturer wanting me to be the nicest,sweetest, God fearing person I can be.Where everything is sugar & spice and roses and pink. Wanting to be like Martha Stewart and have everything picture perfect .The best cook,mommy,wife,friend and overall person in the world.At a drop of the hat a stranger could drop in at my house and not see a speck of dust.My house is decorated like "home" and I never am late or forget anything.Whoa here comes Realistic again.

Oh I am a dREAMER!!!: thinking my son will be a great doctor,a famous actor or singer,pro ball player,the one who finds a cure for cancer or maybe The President! Not saying he can't be any of those ,but putting the pressure of being all of those on him might be too much. I dream of moving to New England somewhere and finding the perfect small town where everyone gets along and comes together to help one another.Somewhere between the town of Elmo from "Men in trees" (hate they cancelled that) or the little town in "Hocus Pocus".I love fall.Of course it has to have a beach though.

Then there is the failure in me.The one that's been there from childhood.Never good enough. The chunky girl no guy ever liked.The wife who couldn't give her husband a baby.The daughter who never was daddy's little girl. The one who has P.C.O.S ,diabeties,neuropathy,bouts of depression and miscarriages everyone knew she would have. The FAT kid who is talked about by others who always brings out the smarta$$ in me who feels they need to be defensive because noone else will be for her.This got depressing fast.

My point being,lol yes I actually have a point ,you never know what you'll get with me.I might blog about my son,our cottage home,my fears,scrapbooking,cooking ,gardening,decorating,good deals,romance,basically life.But I do always try to make it funny somehow.

Oh and of course if possible I would do reviews.Esp. if Shari's Berries were the first.I have always wanted some of those dang strawberries.

Something my late brother taught me:life= Laugh now,Cry later.

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