Sunday, May 31, 2009

An everyone wins giveaway...yes even you if you have a blog.

Lewa's Designs is running an "Everyone Wins!" giveaway that is open to readers of ASPTL.If you blog about Lewa's Designs, you will win your choice of a Medium Caterpillar Wall Decal, or Baby Swirly Bird Wall Decal or Baseball Wall Decal in the color of your choice. You can write whatever you want, just make sure to link to Lewa's Designs website ( or etsy shop ( if you add Lewa's Designs badge to your sidebar, you will receive your choice of TWO of those items! Seriously!!!! The badge is available on the Lewa's Designs blog. Once you've blogged about Lewa's Designs, send an email to with with a link to your blog post along with your choice of decal, color desired, name & mailing address.
Edit: The post at Lewa's Designs blog says that the "Everyone Wins" giveaway was over on May 4th. Brittany has extended it unil the beginning of June so everyone can get in on it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love Polka Dots?

SO DO I!!!!

Wanna win a polka dotted goody? Then go here to win this fabulous platter.

Monday, May 18, 2009


J.T. Thomas Jr. of Mobile,Alabama won Survivor: Tocantis last night. A cattle rancher from Alabama who was managing an angus ranch is now 1.1 Million dollars richer.He also won America's vote (all of mine also) for Sprint most valuable player of the season.

Way to do the south proud JT,you cute lil thang.I was rooting for and smitten with you the whole time.Even if you hadn't washed your nasty "tale" in how many ever days (something JT said during his reward with a shower included).
P.S. Oh by the way,we won't hold it against him that he was once alligned with "COACH".Ugh that even gives the handbag a bad name.